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Dr Schnitman, 

As discussed, two separate web links would be helpful in marketing both your course and services.  In trying to develop the text copy for you, I looked at several other websites offering similar courses.  What I see is greatly varying content that describes the course content so that potential attendees can get a feel for what they are potentially signing up for.  I am not qualified to develop this for you.  I do have some suggestions though: 

Dental Implants of Boston - Services Page  
  • Emphasize flexibility of service (single case or full day)
  • Emphasize experience of team
  • Emphasize ability to handle all treatment options
  • Emphasize consultative nature of service
These all differentiate you/Rita from other traveling perio's. 

Dental Implants of Boston - Course Page
  • This page primarily needs a summary syllabus
  • I recommend breaking it into two sections where attendees can take just the restorative option or the full surgical & restorative course
  • Look at continuum course websites at Columbia Dental School, UGa Health Sciences Maxi Course, etc.  Obviouly these are much more extensive, but are good for setting your direction as you develop your outline (and an outline is all that is needed).

When you have pages setup, I can have them on my iPad to show and instantly email out to dentists as I work through the area.  But in order to "sell" the course or the service, I need something to "sell". 

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